Dimako to boast of a Sugarcane Production factory


Signing of the partnership agreement between the Dimako Rural Council and Orient St ‘Sugar Industry S.A

A partnership agreement between the Dimako district of the Upper Nyong Division (East region, Cameroon) and Orient’s Sugar and Industry S.A for the establishment of an agro-industrial project specialized in the production of sugar cane on over 10,000 hectares of land was signed on October 31, 2018. Present during the signing of this public-private partnership were the Divisional Officer for the Upper Nyong Division, as well as the traditional chiefs of Dimako.

This news comes as a relief to inhabitants of the small locality of Dimako, and marks the beginning of a new era for them following the closure of the Doumé Industrial Logging Company (SFID) which left the local population in a state of financial distraught.

Ipso facto, both parties have agreed to work through this partnership for the benefit of all. The municipality of Dimako will then become a shareholder by giving out its lands as a guarantee for the implementation of the agro-industrial project specialized in the production of sugar cane on a land surface area of more than 10,000 hectares for a start.

Going by the agreement, a factory will be set up on site in order to accelerate production. According to Samuel Bebey Motto Essombe who is the project coordinator, everything will go on hitch-free.

‘By 2021, the sugar cane factory will produce an average of 5,000 tonnes of sugar per day. We will be able to refine about 100,000 tonnes of sugar per annum. As a related project, we will equally produce 16MW of electricity to help power surrounding communities and engage in the production of ethanol and organic fertilizers,’ he disclosed.

According to figures announced during the meeting presided at by the DO of the Upper Nyong Division, this agro-industrial project will greatly alleviate poverty in the locality. It is estimated that this project will provide about 7,500 jobs which will be of help to graduates as well as non-graduates.

He also revealed that he intends to build a higher institute of training in Agronomy to train young Cameroonians in Dimako.

“We will need skilled and unskilled labour, as well as all the help we can possibly get. Dimako would not be able to fulfill this need on its own, reason why we shall be solliciting help from young people within and wiithout the East region to come here and work”, Samuel Bebey Motto Essombe explained.

To ensure good soil quality, technical and feasibility studies will be carried out in the villages.

“We have no intention of ‘stealing’ the lands of the local population. Our relationship with them will be genuine as we envisage working on a fifty-fifty partnership. They will intensify and develope their agricultural activities and we will be there to assist them technically and financially, in a bid to bring them out of poverty. Our ultimate goal is to see the local population of Dimako excel in their endeavours.’ Samuel Bebey added.

With the signing of this agreement, the managers of Orient’s Sugar and Industry S.A, with headquarters in Dimako, announced the immediate kick-off of the construction of the industrial processing factory by mid November shortly after the board meeting. The capital of the said company will eventually be open to all potential shareholders.

By Mundi Hermann Nchotu

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